Waller Park


Steps from bustling Market Street, Waller Park is part of a six-acre complex located at the former UC Extension site in the heart of San Francisco. The highest point of the new 28,000 sf open public space begins at Buchanan Street, where Waller Park extends the urban fabric of Waller Street into the park. The staircase is civic minded, inviting and transparent. Framing the staircase on the south side of the park is a series of bioswale planters that capture and cleanse site storm water. To the north is the series of thematic gardens that provide places of respite and pause for the community. The design of the landscape integrates innovative ways to bring a wide range of amenities to the housing development and community, helping to transform a once-blighted area into a safe, thriving neighborhood.

Location: San Francisco, California

Project Type: Urban Park, Public Park

Architect: BAR Architects