Symantec, global leader in cybersecurity software and services, commissioned Gensler to transform the corporate lobby of their Mountain View HQ into an innovative Client Experience Center. MSLA designed an immersive garden courtyard at the Center’s heart, purposed to receive and entertain important clients. Part garden and part plaza, the courtyard was conceived in the manner of a Japanese Bento Box – a collection of distinctive social gathering spaces invite unique moments engaging with or looking upon the courtyard. A sculptural enclosure at the seam of the Bento Box anchors the space, while shielding a private room within, where client deals are consecrated. Crafted from a ring of vertical ribs wrapped with slats, the enclosure is porous enough to capture light, while obscuring views inward. The open-air apex—or ‘sky portal’—frames everchanging views of the sky.  

Location: Mountain View, California

Project Type: Corporate Campus

Client: Symantec

Architect: Gensler