Market Center

market center plaza

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco at 5th and Market Street, Market Center preserves a historic and culturally significant landmark fountain and garden while carefully incorporating a bustling urban plaza with a variety of program. It is a hybrid landscape that harkens the potential for a dynamic and sensitive 21st century urbanism – the historically private garden becomes an occupiable public space. Set between two international style skyscrapers, the landscape supports the addition of an architectural pavilion while providing finely textured place-driven front and back “porches” that are carefully stitched into the historic garden to increase accessibility. At the center of the project, a large redwood deck situates beneath a specimen Gingko tree to provide an occupiable stylized counterpoint to the historic garden. Performances, gatherings, corporate events, and daily dining dynamize the rhythms of this urban space.

Location: San Francisco, California

Project Type: Public Plaza

Client: Equity Office