Ecosong Park

Ecosong Park

Part of Shanghai’s proposed greenbelt system, Ecosong Park will preserve and celebrate Songjiang’s rich agricultural heritage and provide a diverse recreational experience for visitors and residents. Ecological water cleansing strategies, organic farming, and reforestation create a foundation for the park’s programming and design. A choreographed sequence of Waterfront Parks line the Huangpu River and major canals, creating spaces for active recreation and eco-tourism. Within these parks, preservation of industrial and historic remnants retains the character of the landscape. A Welcome Center, Organic Agricultural Research Institute, and Organic Farm Center provide educational opportunities for farmers and visitors. Tree-lined allees, wetland boardwalks, and forest paths trace contemplative journeys through the beautiful agricultural landscape. 


Location: South Songjiang, Shanghai, China

Project Type: Urban Design

Client: Shanghai Urban Planning Department

and Songjaing Governement