Bobbie's Meadow


Bobbie’s Meadow reflects the elegance and warmth of its namesake, Barbara Carle, beloved late co-founder of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Nestled within a historic apple orchard, an organically-shaped walk, or “story path,” rings diagonally through the space, framing many of the oldest and most sculptural trees. Concrete seat walls of varying heights edge the path and invite informal seating, gathering and even play amongst the Museum’s younger audience. Within the apple orchard, visitors are greeted by an open lawn, enlivened by outdoor readings and programmed performances; casual picnics and physical play.  In contrast, a native wildflower meadow, named in Bobbie’s memory, frames the path and transforms the former lawn into an ever-changing canvas, celebrating Bobbie’s lifelong love of nature and commitment to the environment.   


Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

Project Type: Arts + Cultural; Institutions

Client: The Eric Carle Museum of Picture

Book Art

Architect: Juster Pope Frazier Architects