Alta Laguna

Alta Laguna

Just steps from bustling Market Street, Alta Laguna is a six-acre complex located at the former UC Extension site in the heart of San Francisco. The site plan stitches together an ambitious program of 330 market rate units, 110 LGBT-friendly senior units, a new public park through the Waller Street easement, a community garden and a series of private courts for the new residents.  With below grade parking, the majority of the landscape is on structure.  MSLA was the common link on the design team which included two developers and four architecture firms.  The design of the landscape integrates innovative ways to bring a wide range of amenities to the housing development while implementing extensive storm water management systems.  MSLA worked collaboratively with neighborhood groups and the Planning Department in development of the design.

Location: San Francisco, California

Project Type: Housing

Client: Wood Partners

Architect: BAR Architects

LEED Rating: ND-Gold